Burton New Zealand Open


Friday 13th and I broke my normal routine of camping out under my bed and rubbing my lucky rabbit foot for 24hrs hours. I acutally left the house, got in a car and went up the mountain to check out the Buton New Zealand Open slope style finals... Words and pictues found their way onto

The amazing Laurie's Log graphic is thanks to Alexis... cheers bro...

More pics:


Party Like A Rockstar X-games

Party Like A Rockstar X-games

Method in association with Rockstar Energy Drink, organised a 4 day long bar event based in Tignes to co-inside with the first European X-games in Tignes.

Flipmedia produced the promotion for the event, which include design for print and web banners for online promotion.

Frontline Rail Jam 2009 - LIVE on METHOD.TV

Frontline Rail Jam LIVE feed in action

The Frontline Rail Jam took place in Stockholm on the 10th October 2009 @ 17:00 and was streamed live to the internet. had exclusive access to the feed from this snowboard competion.

Flipmedia worked with to produce a timed player to make the Frontline Rail Jam available to the visitors of Navicast provided the live feed as a Quicktime stream and Flipmedia produced the system to make this live stream available at the required time.

Method Snowboard Magazine Subscription System

Method Snowboard Magazine Subscription Image

Method Snowboard Magazine 10.1 is out and on sale. Flipmedia produced a simple subscription system allowing visitors to subscribe to Method Snowboard Magazine online.

The subscription system uses Paypal as the payment channel, building buttons for the required price / product combination and resolves payment through Paypal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) system.

A more complicated implementation was also undertaken for the Method Retailer Package, enabling snowboard stores to sign up to selling the magazine.


Over recent weeks Flipmedia has been working with Method Snowboard Magazine, fixing issues with their two web sites and

I'm currently in the process of rebuilding - this will be live in the next week or so. The rebuild will enhance and refine the overall design, resolve issues with areas of the content management and lay a strong foundation to enable the site to move forward and respond quickly to the creative requests of the team.

Method Media Planner

Method Media Planner

Based on the prior years media planner, the design was refreshed using new images, colour, format and making use of the method "star" logo.