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SPF record for Google Apps

Setting up an SPF record when configuring a domain to use the Google Apps Email platform is optional but is recommended.

An SPF record is a TXT DNS record and is quite simple to set up. The following steps detail how to configure an SPF record for a server using BIND DNS server.

I'm assuming you have set up a DNS record for the domain name.

Another busy winter

VSPOT Opening Party Promotion

As the winter is well and truly over and we only have a few day's left until the lifts close in Val d'Isère I am setting about publishing the promotional work I have been undertaking for VSPOT.This consists of over 25 pieces for print and this season a web site, along with managing the VSPOT Facebook profile.

Installing FBML Static to your Facebook Fan Page

FBML Static

UPDATE: Facebook are discontinuing the FBML Static application!

The FBML Static Facebook Application, enables you to create a landing tab for your Facebook Fan Page. This tab can be configured to be displayed only to non Fans.

For an example / demo, click here:

To add a welcome tab to your page for free, follow these steps:

1. Login to Facebook and from the "Account" menu select "Use Facebook as a Page" and choose the page you want the tab added to.

RB Creative Web Site Live

RB creative website visual

The RB Creative web site is now live

Following a period of waiting for final copy and images the web site designed and produced for RB Creative is now live.

Tignes Cuisine

Tignes Cuisine - Web Site

Tignes Cuisine commisioned Laurie Barker to produce a simple self managed web site using Drupal CMS. A quick turn around was required to ensure the site was live for the busy Feb half term rush to the French Alps.

Over the comming weeks a French translation will be added as well as photo gallery and possibly a video diary documenting Chippies lengdary skiing exploits.


Over recent weeks Flipmedia has been working with Method Snowboard Magazine, fixing issues with their two web sites and

I'm currently in the process of rebuilding - this will be live in the next week or so. The rebuild will enhance and refine the overall design, resolve issues with areas of the content management and lay a strong foundation to enable the site to move forward and respond quickly to the creative requests of the team.

Planks Clothing

Planks Clothing Authorised Dealer sign

Over the last couple of weeks Flipmedia has been working with Planks visualising & creating design specifications for the Planks 2009/10 winter range.

This relationship is set to continue with Laurie Barker being invited by Jim Addlington to be a member of their creative team. Cheers Jim!

Summer begins but winter is still on the mind

Banned Inc General Logo

Val d'Isère saw the launch of a new clothing brand, starting with bandanas, Banned inc. A small number of designs were rolled out through the VSPOT snowboard shop and the interest was encouraging. Over the summer I will be working with Banned inc, including the production of the web site, stickers and t-shirts along with more bandana designs.

Banned inc work so far...

Winter 2008/09 VSPOT

VSPOT Shop Advert

So the season here is over half way through and I am busy working mainly with VSPOT. Tight deadlines and interesting subject make this fun and rewarding.

As the bar + shop is new to resort the promotion needs to be aggressive and as a holiday destination this promotion has to be undertaken on a weekly basis.

For a sample of the promotion I have been producing check out the VSPOT portfolio.




Bathstore Multimap Integration

The new improved store finder is just one of the many enhancements that Bathstore contracted Flipmedia to undertake.

Whilst all of the works that Bathstore contracted Flipmedia to undertake have been completed, I have to remain tight lipped about these until Bathstore are ready to launch them. Over the coming weeks and months these developments will be rolled out and as they are I will shout about them from here.

This contract represents a years worth of development and I can't wait until you can see what has been done.

The work so far...