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Seletti News / Blog Site

Seletti News / Blog Site

To compliment the Seletti Boutique online store, Seletti New Zealand commissioned Flipmedia to produce and news / blog site to allow promotion of Seletti products in a news format.

The Seletti News / Blog site uses Drupal as it's Content Management System and it's look and feel is designed to align with both the Seletti Italy online presence and Seletti Boutique online store.

Premium Skate Designs Website is LIVE

Premium Skate Designs Website is LIVE

Earlier this week the new Premium Skate Designs web site went live. This web site was designed and produced by Flipmedia, offerring a blog format and allowing Premium Skate Designs to publish media such as online video to showcase their amazing skate structures.

The design itself was a progession from Premium Skate Designs prior site, updating this image.

Planks Clothing Blog Site

Planks Clothing Blog Site Screen Shot

To aid in the promotion of Planks Clothing the brand and online store, Planks Clothing commisioned Flipmedia to produce a "Blog site". This site will allow team members to blog bringing their personality to the Planks Clothing brand, feeding the brands social media presence and generating traffic for http://www.planksclothing.com - the e-commerce site.

The design is based on the e-commerce site, with the backend being driven by Flipmedia's Drupal CMS implmentation.

Check out the Planks CLothing Block: http://blog.planksclothing.com

iSurf Website Design

iSurf Website Design

Working with iSurf's existing logo, flipmedia created this simple website design for iSurf.

Deployed as a theme for the Content Management System Drupal, this website / design will greet anyone connected to an iSurf Wireless Access Point.

The design is simple and quick to load, whilst taking into account display on devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Throughout the build the site the design developed and matured, but you may view the original presented visual here: http://flipmedia.co/sites/flipmedia.co/visuals/isurf/index.html

Method Snowboard Magazine


For some time now Flipmedia has been working close with Method Snowboard Magazine. Quite a lot has changed since Flipmedia took over the management and development of http://www.methodmag.com

In the first instance the site has been completely re-developed to use a pure Drupal structure allowing quicker ongoing development and maintenance.

RB Creative Web Site Live

RB creative website visual

The RB Creative web site is now live http://www.rbcreative.co.uk

Following a period of waiting for final copy and images the web site designed and produced for RB Creative is now live.

Tignes Cuisine

Tignes Cuisine - Web Site

Tignes Cuisine commisioned Laurie Barker to produce a simple self managed web site using Drupal CMS. A quick turn around was required to ensure the site was live for the busy Feb half term rush to the French Alps.

Over the comming weeks a French translation will be added as well as photo gallery and possibly a video diary documenting Chippies lengdary skiing exploits.