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Based in Queenstown New Zealand Seletti Boutique offer a range of lifestyle and design orintated products.

With the focus upon Seletti the Itianlian designer range and expanding to include similarly aligned products.

As both a physical shop and online store the shop offers oppertunities to visiting tourists wishing to take something a little bit different home.

As they put it:



In 1994 www.methodmag.com emerged as one of the very first snowboarding websites. In 2000, the legendary Drew Stevenson launched Europe’s first VHS snowboarding video magazine, Method Mag. In 2003 Method launched the first-ever Mag & DVD combo. Three years later method.TV was born.

Method exists in three formats; Print: Method Snowboard Magazine, Online: methodmag.com, Online: method.tv

Grant James

Grant James

Leamington Spa based Blues slide guitarist. Simple Flash based web site, promoting Grant James. Allows access to a biography, demo and gig listings. Includes original photography by Flipmedia.

Method Snowboard Magazine


Working with existing content and upgrading the code base the new Method Website is more than just a new design. Re-organising site content categorisation and ensuring the new "view" layer allows for older "badly coded" content was one of only a few of the challenges presented in advancing methodmag.com

The new website sees the combination of content from methodmag.com and method.tv, whilst developing distinct areas for each facet of their online presence; Print Magazine, Video Method.TV, online Method Features, News and Events Calendar.

Seletti News / Blog Site

Seletti News / Blog Site

To compliment the Seletti Boutique online store, Seletti New Zealand commissioned Flipmedia to produce and news / blog site to allow promotion of Seletti products in a news format.

The Seletti News / Blog site uses Drupal as it's Content Management System and it's look and feel is designed to align with both the Seletti Italy online presence and Seletti Boutique online store.

Premium Skate Designs Website is LIVE

Premium Skate Designs Website is LIVE

Earlier this week the new Premium Skate Designs web site went live. This web site was designed and produced by Flipmedia, offerring a blog format and allowing Premium Skate Designs to publish media such as online video to showcase their amazing skate structures.

The design itself was a progession from Premium Skate Designs prior site, updating this image.

Search Engine Site / Sitemap Submission

When launching a site out into the world it is only right and proper to tell the search engines about the site and it's xml sitemap. The following are the addresses to under take this for the main Search Engines:-

Seletti Boutique new web site goes live

Seletti Boutique Web Site

The Seletti Boutique online store, with an initial focus on Seletti products went live today.

This multi currency store is based in New Zealand but has it sights set on further a field.

Working with the orignal Seletti branding, images and patterning this web site takes the look and feel forward offerring interaction and features allowing the product to be showcased.

The site is an implementation of the Popular open source e-commerce platform Magento and uses Paypal and DPS Payment Express. The specialised hosting is provided by: http://www.createhosting.co.nz/

Web fonts, Typefaces and more


Over the last few projects I have been using a method of embedding non web fonts via CSS, using "@font-face". This opens up so many design possibility, by not being limited to the same handful of "web safe" fonts.

Planks Clothing Blog Site

Planks Clothing Blog Site Screen Shot

To aid in the promotion of Planks Clothing the brand and online store, Planks Clothing commisioned Flipmedia to produce a "Blog site". This site will allow team members to blog bringing their personality to the Planks Clothing brand, feeding the brands social media presence and generating traffic for http://www.planksclothing.com - the e-commerce site.

The design is based on the e-commerce site, with the backend being driven by Flipmedia's Drupal CMS implmentation.

Check out the Planks CLothing Block: http://blog.planksclothing.com