Corset Story Responsive Re-design


Corset Story is the worlds largest online distributor of corsets, launched 5 years ago, Flipmedia was tasked with creating a website that would take their online presence and sales to the next level. At the time the Corset Story site was unreliable and slow to load.

Flipmedia stabilised the site through arranging new hosting from a Magento Hosting specialist partner and building the site from scratch using an unaltered Magento build and extension stack and replicating the "design". The whole process was packed into a single week and following going live the site was immediately capable of handling twice as much traffic and as many orders.

Almost 4 years on and Flipmedia and Corset Story continue to work closely. The current and third version of the site is built on a Magento 1.9.1 base, uses Zurb Foundation 5 Framework to achieve a "Mobile First" design accessible over Mobile, Tablet and desktop.

The newest site is available in 12 localised versions, in 10 languages and 6 currencies. With 12 store views the content translation is a task enough without the need to address different device specific themes, hence why responsive design was employed.

With Google penalising sites that are not accessible to mobile and the ease of maintaining a single content source, the new design will allow Corset Story to continue to expand it's position in the online Corset and alternative clothing market.

The new design is now live and has had to absorb all of the prior site content, over the coming weeks these banners and images will be replaced with content specifically designed to meet the requirements of a responsive site and the store fronts will start to come into their own.