Facebook Comments broken

The core "all.js" that is the corner stone of the Facebook LIKE, LIKEBOX and COMMENTS social application for websites has a bug. This bug appeared overnight and results in Facebook Comments not working and actually generating an error. This error can depending on how your Facebook code is deployed, result in all of the above functionality being broken / not displaying.

The issue relates to a missing function "copy_properties" which directly effects the comments functionality.

A temporary fix requires the definition of this function prior to calling the FB.init statement, as follows:


function copy_properties(b, c) {
b = b || {};
c = c || {};
for (var a in c) b[a] = c[a];
if (c.hasOwnProperty && c.hasOwnProperty('toString') && (typeof c.toString != 'undefined') && (b.toString !== c.toString)) b.toString = c.toString;
return b;

window.fbAsyncInit = function() {