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Facebook Comments broken

The core "all.js" that is the corner stone of the Facebook LIKE, LIKEBOX and COMMENTS social application for websites has a bug. This bug appeared overnight and results in Facebook Comments not working and actually generating an error. This error can depending on how your Facebook code is deployed, result in all of the above functionality being broken / not displaying.

The issue relates to a missing function "copy_properties" which directly effects the comments functionality.

Web fonts, Typefaces and more


Over the last few projects I have been using a method of embedding non web fonts via CSS, using "@font-face". This opens up so many design possibility, by not being limited to the same handful of "web safe" fonts.

Creating tar archive, whilst excluding resource Forks Mac OS X

When creating a tar archive for public consumption or just uploading to a none Mac OS X server, exclude "._*" files (Resource Forks) from your tar archive by first entering "export COPYFILE_DISABLE=true" on the command line...

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Snowboard Magazine - X Games - Scotty Lago

Just catching up on a few video bits from the x-games and checked out this interview from Snowboard Magazine covering the finalists in the best Method competition. Opening with Gold medalist Scotty Lago. Snowboarder Mag: Scotty Lago ah, champion of the evening... I noticed you didn't have any problems getting speed in the meth head contest tonight?    Scotty Lago: No I was really cookin    Snowboarder Mag: Now, with the jaw is it hard to do Meth?    


We often need to move large files that are just way to big for email. For a while now there have been a few file transfer sites, some requiring funky bits of clunky software, some require registration, all have been over technical and basically a bore to use.

Website Terms & conditions, Privacy Policy

Whilst working on a recent project I made a request that the client provide Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy. Again came the question: Don't you have something we can use?

Well I'm not a solicitor so referred the client to work through the documents provided by:

Social Media Promotion, Optimisation


Promotion via Social Media Networks is a must. Search Engine Optimisation and performance still holds true but with Facebook over taking Google as the internet's No.

Visual concept Recco

Concept Idea for Recco

I have been thinking about this one for a while... Started life as a joke but when I worked on it I realised it actually had legs, one of those drip drip drip concepts, thats gets people saying "do they really mean that or do they mean???"


Netlec LIVE

Netlec Logo

Netlec went LIVE this week. Flipmedia developed the corporate identity, web site design and e-commerce solution for this online electrical supply e-commerce start up.In this competitive area of online trading Netlec are in a position to supply quality products at competitive prices. Sure to create a ripple in the market Flipmedia will continue to work closely with Netlec in design, development and promotion.Go buy yourself a light bulb or 20...

Burton New Zealand Open


Friday 13th and I broke my normal routine of camping out under my bed and rubbing my lucky rabbit foot for 24hrs hours. I acutally left the house, got in a car and went up the mountain to check out the Buton New Zealand Open slope style finals... Words and pictues found their way onto

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