Method 5X5 Snowboarding Photography Exhibition

Photographer: Bud Fawcett, Rider: Damian Sanders

Flipmedia recently designed the exhibition catalogue and information labels for the 5X5 Snowboard photography exhibition, created by Method Snowboard Magazine, presented by Volcom & Swatch.

This impressive exhibition of 25 years of Snowboarding photography featuring work from snowboarding photographic legends: Bud Fawcett, Mark Gallup, Calle Eriksson, Vincent Skoglund and Frode Sandbech.

Method CEO and event curator Rasmus Ostergaard explained the reason behind 5x5: "We wanted to show some history to the younger generations who have no idea who Craig Kelly, Terry Kidwell, Damian Sanders and Shaun Palmer are and to remind those in the know just how rich snowboarding's history really is.

It's not easy to cover everything in only 25 photos, but this is only the beginning of a bigger project. Now with Volcom's involvement our focus has also shifted a bit to incorporate Terje Haakonsen's immense impact on snowboarding throughout his long career."

Check out 5X5 at Freestyle.CH or look out at for future dates.