Method Snowboard Magazine


Working with existing content and upgrading the code base the new Method Website is more than just a new design. Re-organising site content categorisation and ensuring the new "view" layer allows for older "badly coded" content was one of only a few of the challenges presented in advancing

The new website sees the combination of content from and, whilst developing distinct areas for each facet of their online presence; Print Magazine, Video Method.TV, online Method Features, News and Events Calendar.

Additionally Flipmedia implemented a site-takover concept; allowing an advertisers to "take over" site; the left and right sky-scrapper banner, top "leader board" banner, the background wall paper and the main content. With all of these areas combined and "owned" by the same brand the site is literally "taken over" by the advertsier.

Moving to meant that Method could better utilise social media video platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo to receive a wider online presence, as well as enabling to focus on every element of the website, becoming a central hub for snowboarding.

Later on, Flipmedia implimented Facebook Opengraph, enabling a much higher engagement rate and naturally, larger exposure as the biggest traffic being from Social Media platforms.