Premium Skate Designs Website is LIVE

Premium Skate Designs Website is LIVE

Earlier this week the new Premium Skate Designs web site went live. This web site was designed and produced by Flipmedia, offerring a blog format and allowing Premium Skate Designs to publish media such as online video to showcase their amazing skate structures.

The design itself was a progession from Premium Skate Designs prior site, updating this image.

Premium Skate Designs have the opportunity to post blog entries and skate park profiles that go to make up their portfolio. At the time of publishing Premium Skate Designs is busy adding the finishing touches to the first of the Mangawhai bowl and will find the time over the coming weeks to add all of the skate parks they have developed into the skate park portfolio.

The web site is designed to grow with Premium Skate Designs promoting their services and talent in Skate Park construction, through organic methods generated through becoming the centre of information for each of the Skate Parks they have built.

The site links into Facebook & Twitter, feeding posts automatically into these channels. Each Skate Park portfolio page has the ability to display video and multiple images of the Skate Park, provides an area to add links to external information about the Skate Park and also includes a Google Map showing the location of each Skate Park.

The site itself is built upon a HTML 5 content structure, includes standard accessibility features and it's Content Management system is using the Flipmedia implementation of Drupal 6.

Flipmedia looks forward to working with Premium Skate Designs in the future and watching / supporting as they go on to build the content displayed via this platform.