RB Creative web site

RB creative website visual

RB creative web site design has been approved and is ready for production!

The design builds upon the logo and corporate identity prodcued by Flipmedia for RB creative and uses a colour combination that is contemporary whilst working with the subject matter of mainly dark hardwood furniture.

Throughout the website the large letterbox image will animated between different pictures that are uploaded and specified to show in this area by RB creative.

RB Creative web site logoRB Creative web site logo

The website is built upon the Drupal platform which is a strong flexible and open source content management system (CMS). The Drupal CMS will empower RB creative to maintain the content of the website. The CMS is simple enough for non technical persons to use, if the user can use Facebook they will be able to use Drupal CMS.

Production of the website is underway and will be completed shortly.


PDF visual of website design559.98 KB