Social Media Promotion, Optimisation


Promotion via Social Media Networks is a must. Search Engine Optimisation and performance still holds true but with Facebook over taking Google as the internet's No. 1 referrer it is clear that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and many others are now as important.

The first simple step is to link the News Feeds or RSS feeds from your web site to post directly to Social Media presences. This gives instant exposure to individuals interested in your brand via the Social Media of their choice. Your web guy's should be able to do this for you and if they can't talk to Flipmedia now, your working with dinosaurs.

The second step is to arm yourself with a time saving tool allowing you to post from one common interface to the Social Media Network of your choice. This allows you to supplement these news feeds with information that may not be relevant to post via your web site.

After much research I am more than happy to suggest you start using TweetDeck... From one simple interface from your desktop or iPhone you can easily follow all of your Social Media presences whilst continuing to work. Configure many accounts and post to one or more at the same time.

For example of how this an work for you, compare the following Flipmedia feeds...